Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nice cover from Republic of Maldives. Thank you George !!!

Kerch. King´s Barrow. Ukranie. Thank you Svetlana !!!

Yalta. Livadia Palace-Museum. Thank you Svetlana!!

Livadia Palace is one of famous trade marks of Crimea. It has beautiful architecture and park, which is situated near palace. This palace was summer residence for russian emperor Alexander II and here Emperor Alexander III died.
In February 1945 the Yalta Conference took part in Livadia.

Demerdzhi. Ukraine. Thank you Svetlamna !!.

Here you can see one part of mountain-mass in Crimea called Demerdzhi. It is situated in south region of peninsula. The name "Demerdzhi" translated from Crimean Tatar language as "Blacksmith". Generally, this mountain-mass consist of conglomerates. As a result of constant weathering form mass fall little stones. this sound imitate hte work of Blacksmith.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goddess Shenci (Divinity House) on Lion Mountain. Thank you Serina !!

There´s a picture of Goddess Shenggeigamu on the small window of Shenci. Perople burn pine branches in ceser to offer sacrifice to her (see the picture). A lama beats a bell hanging on the tree on tiem. Many praying flags are waving under the eaves of Shenci.

China Airlines A330-300. Thank you Cherry !!

Neidong Waterfalls. Thank yoy Cherry !!